The Lynwood Fellowship
Board Photo 1

Back left to right: Mike Doig, Chairman Peter Hague, Leah Bond and Patrick Keogh.
Front left to right: Shonagh Moore, Secretary Jan Elliot and Booking Secretary Barbara Hague.

The Lynwood Fellowship is a spiritually based organisation whose aim is to promote spiritual and metaphysical studies. We believe that everyone is entitled to their own ideas and beliefs. Our aim is to present programmes of high quality speakers and tutors giving a diverse programme of interest to broaden the minds of those who choose to join us.

We are open to all who wish to investigate what we have to offer. There is no membership and when you attend seminars you go into as much or as little as you want to. The time is yours.
Each seminar is balanced between mediumship and other diverse subjects such as psychic and spirit art; shamanism; crop circles; astrology; dowsing; ecology; aura soma; genetics; numerology; colour; graphology; drumming; crystal bowls; and tai chi, to name but a few.

Outside of talks/lectures and workshops, there is time to talk and share your thoughts and ideas with others. As much is learnt through sharing as being taught.

What we facilitate is the opportunity to come together with others of open and like minds, to inspire and be inspired.