phagueChairman/Treasurer: Peter Hague
Spiritual searching started after passing of 7 year old eldest son, Robert, in 1976 and soon led to attending Don Galloway’s weeks at Stanstead Hall. Soon after creation of The Lynwood Fellowship, Peter succeeded David Smith as Treasurer and later took over from Don Galloway, following Don’s ill health, as Chairman of Trustees, still filling both positions of service to Lynwood.
Jans photo
Secretary: Jan Elliot
It was Spiritualism that helped me make sense of the sensitivity within myself. After some years of investigation, I decided to work on the SNU education awards for speaking & demonstrating which I duly attained.My first love was sharing my knowledge with others who like myself needed to understand the gift of their sensitivity and mediumship and how to use it for the benefit of others. Having run several awareness classes & enjoyed every moment. my own development continued.
I was introduced to Chaldean numerology and it has been my passion now for nearly 20 years. It never ceases to amaze me at its accuracy, it proves a valuable tool to looking at where your strength or weakness may lie and why you react to certain events the way you do.
While my search continued I became a board member of Lynwood Fellowship and continue still enjoying the involvement with the feeling also I can give back some of what Lynwood gave to me.
bhagueBooking Secretary: Barbara Hague
Spiritual searching started after passing of 7 year old eldest son, Robert, in 1976 and soon led to attending Don Galloway’s weeks at Stanstead Hall, attending separate seminars from Peter as child-minding was shared. Soon after Peter became Treasurer of Lynwood, Barbara was also invited to join the Board of Trustees and eventually succeeded Reta Pearson and Jeanne Coward as Booking Secretary and still serves in that position. Barbara and Peter have both trained as NFSH Spiritual Healers and have shared in the provision of healing at Lynwood seminars.
shonaghWeb and Newsletter Editor: Shonagh Moore
I feel very privileged to be part of an organisation that is diverse in its approach to investigating and studying matters spiritual and metaphysical. Being both a tutor and facilitator (and occasion-ally a candidate) brings richness to my life as well as hopefully being able to inspire others.
As one of the longest serving members of the Board of Trustees I look after the website and newsletter.
Having trained as a commercial artist (BA HONS), my spiritual work developed around the use of colour and sound. This led to my work with the Crystal Sounding Bowls. I now work with ten bowls, which range from 22 to 7 in diameter. Along with tuning forks and drums, the vibra-tional energy is truly inspiring. I am a certificated SPHA healer and enjoy every aspect of my work which is ever changing as I grow. Lynwood has something very special to offer and I really feel that it is worth sharing.

MDoigFellow Trustees: Mike Doig

It took until my mid-forties before I started to ask, and actively seek, answers to the important questions in life. Once started, it led me first into healing (NFSH) and later the Lynwood Fellow-ship, where I found a forum for ideas, debate, learning and companionship the organisation is aptly called fellowship. In my search I have experienced many different groups and societies but regard Lynwood as my base and home, so was delighted to become a trustee. Having retired from teaching I can now devote more time into my investigations as regards the Truth, as well as with the Lynwood Fellowship.

old-manPatrick Keogh

Education, training and Work Experience.

(City and guilds vocational qualifications).

After working in a range of jobs associated with the electrical and communications industry I spent some time at Shepperton Studios in Surrey where I gained valuable work experience in film, tv and stage lighting.
In my twenties, I applied to study Art and design at the (University of Surrey) and was offered a place as a mature student on a four year diploma course.
On completion of my studies at Epsom School Of Art and Design I was awarded the (Surrey Dip-AD).
I continued making my living within the film and tv industry, later I was offered a position at Thames Television in London, where I remained before moving to the Costa Blanca in Spain.Soon after moving to Spain, I became interested in the spiritual side of life. And felt motivated enough to make frequent visits to the Arthur Finlay College in Essex where I was encouraged to consider developing healing mediumship in particular. So, after successfully completing the required training, I became an approved healer – In due course, I was awarded a healing Diploma of The Spiritualists National Union.
I was involved with The Spiritual Awareness and Healing Fellowship, in Spain, where I had many rewarding experiences. During those years I was encouraged, by Spirit, to cultivate and use, other aspects of my mediumship, including trance healing and spiritually inspired art. These days, I continue practicing from my home in Spain which is dedicated to healing and spiritual development. I like travelling and always look forward to meeting up with friends and fellow spiritual seekers in the UK who come together to enjoy the diverse and thought-provoking seminars organized by The Lynwood Fellowship.
I feel honoured to be an elected trustee of The Lynwood Fellowship. It is a privilege to be associated with this wonderful group of people.

MDoigFellow Trustees: Leah Bond

Leah is a longstanding Tutor of the Arthur Findley College and trained with and became firm friends with many of the great names within Spiritualism, healing and mediumship.
People such as Gordon Higginson, Albert Best, Harry Edwards, Ivor James, Coral Polge, Ron Baker, Eric and Heather Hatton , Glyn Edwards and so many more.
She has worked extensively with Platform Mediumship, Trance and Physical, Healing and Trance Healing and has an expansive experience all aspects of mediumship.
Leah coined the phrase ‘Trance can only enhance’. She has a gentle way of explaining and motivating the students journey into altered states of consciousness.
All for One and One for All is a favourite phrase that she lives by. Generous of heart and teachings she encourages a sense of unity amongst her students which in turn lends itself to individual success.
Leah hails from Wales and is steeped in the mystical and practical nature of the valleys.
Her own bubbly light hearted nature is part of her essence but also surface to a person who is a dedicated exponent for mediumship and spiritualism.
She loves the science and philosophy yet respects and embraces her students right of choice and the progressive elements of the evolution of Spirituality within our times.

old-manFounder of Lynwood Fellowship Don Galloway 1930-2009

Don Galloway, the founder of the Lynwood Fellowship, was very active during his lifetime, giving his services to other individuals and organisations. However, he did find time to write a book and other articles, and made several small booklets, two of which are now presented on this website: “Sitting Around…” and “Comings and Goings”.
The contents refer to a period of nearly half a century ago, or more, and therefore may seem a little dated in terms of the culture and society presented. However, their content in terms of mediumship and spiritual awareness remain as relevant today in the 21st century as at the actual time when the events occurred. Those who desire to understand and seek to enlarge their knowledge will be rewarded by taking the time to read them, and by reflecting on the content.