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CARPETThesaurus: floor cover, base, covering, blanket, overspread, overlaying,
reprove, admonish, reprimand, on the carpet, red carpet, Persian carpet, pile carpet, fitted carpet, carpet bowls, carpetbombing, carpet-slipper, carpetbagger, sweep under the carpet.

This carpet of snowdrops around the base of a Weeping Willow tree is replaced by golden daffodils a little later in the year. The forest areas around where I live abound in such delightful sights, with masses of bluebells signaling the summer; each season has its own particular and distinctive beauty.

In our homes, offices, restaurants and hotels, carpets are maybe not what we necessarily think of as of huge importance. However, a ‘good’ carpet will enhance the overall ambience and look to a room, while one ill considered will jar and be discordant.
We all need a sure and comfortable foundation, whether that is in our homes or within ourselves.


BROWNThesaurus: bistre, sepia, ochre, raw and burnt sienna, raw and burnt umber, Vandyke brown, tobacco, chocolate, toffee, hazel, mahogany, walnut, brunette, sear, singe, toasted, swarthy, suntan, brown as a berry, Brown Owl, Brownie, Brownshirt, browned off, brown fat, brown bread, brown rice.

Brown is the colour of the earth, that which contains and feeds the vegetation and all that grows. From this earth clay can be obtained, and when worked and processed through high temperatures it is turned into useful ceramic articles, such as plates and pots, hence usually termed pottery.

The photograph above shows some of these – pots for forcing rhubarb – made from a clay that is appropriately called earthenware. Those who are able to see the auras of people have linked a golden brown to industriousness and an aptitude for organization and study.

Similarly a rich chocolate brown has been connected to the earth, security and comfort. However, it can also relate to materialism, greediness, hunger for power and a selfish personality. It is a colour worn by some Christian communities, symbolising renunciation of the world and penitence.


BRIDGEThesaurus: viaduct, aqueduct, flyover, overpass, link, connection, bond, cross, span, arch over, join, straddle, connect, unite, reconcile.
Bridges help us to cross over rivers, railways, roads, etc., they enable us to avoid potential hazards and shorten our journeys and save us time.
This applies to even the small ones that we may use locally, as well as to the large high profile spectacular ones like the world’s longest suspension span bridge, the Akashi-Kaikyo in Japan.
The above photograph is of a small bridge across a river in the lowlands of Scotland. It enables locals and walkers to cross over to the other bank; in this respect it acts as a connection, uniting both sides.
Over the years we have seen various individuals on our televisions going into ‘hot spots’, such as Northern Ireland, Palestine, and so forth, to try and help connect and bring peace between differing factions. We also can take on that role in our daily lives, whether it is at work, in our
community or even with our own family. All families experience rows and difficulties, but could we not help? Perhaps that is why we are in that family in the first place.


BLUEThesaurus: sky-blue, azure, aquamarine, turquoise, indigo, sapphire, navy, ultramarine, cobalt, Prussian blue, cerulean, woad, lapis
lazuli, depressed, sad, fed up, honour: Cambridge/Oxford blue, pornographic, erotic, risqué, blue language, blue film, blue blood, blue-stocking.
Blue is the colour of peace, as exemplified by the photograph above.
Just looking at it gives me a reminder of those times in the past when I had gone down to the coast, to spend an afternoon in quiet contemplation, or just to get ‘away from it all’. The cares of the world lifted from my shoulders and my body and spirit were uplifted. It is a colour that I have used in healing, especially for those suffering from worry, depression, stress and from nervous disorders.

The Ancient Egyptians regarded blue as representing truth and other symbolic aspects of the colour include: the divine, intellect, wisdom, revelation, loyalty, fidelity, constancy, chastity, prudence, piety, purity, contemplation, tranquility, inspiration and innocence.


BLACKThesaurus: lampblack, ivory black, Indian ink, dark, dirty, dismal, foul, malignant, horrible, evil, night, dusky, dark pigmentation, charred, mourning, black-tie, blackout, blacklist, blackmail, black sheep, Black Death, black ice, Black Stone, blackberry, black magic, black economy, black as a tinker’s pot, blackball.

Black absorbs all things and is the absence of light; an analogy is the black hole of astronomy. Much of the symbolism and use of this colour in our language and culture is of a negative nature, indicating ideas of evil, disease, revenge and badness. Seen in the aura it may indicate depression, and with another colour may reflect the negative aspects of it.

Black has been associated with chaos, the undifferentiated, the void, time, the unconscious, the occult, death and destruction. In Astrology it is connected to Capricorn and the planet Saturn, and so with caution, discipline and limitation.

The Chinese associated it with the feminine principle yin, also north, winter and water. The Cabbalists linked it with wisdom; the Alchemists with the first stage of the Great Work; the
Ancient Egyptians with rebirth; Christianity with Hell, death and evil.


BEAUTYThesaurus: appealing, attractive, good-looking, heavenly, captivating, charming, aesthetic, radiant, delightful, pleasurable, elegant, wonderful, loveable, bonny, fair, beauty contest, beauty
parlour, beauty queen, beauty sleep, beauty spot, beautician.

When I put a water lily into my new garden pond I was expectant and a little excited. When I saw that a couple of flowers had formed buds I was so eager that I visited the pond every day to see when they would open.

Finally, after a long wait, I went down and found the above flower in full bloom, and quickly got my camera to take the photograph. I can certainly say that beauty was in the eye of this beholder at that time!

However, beauty in this material world is of a temporary nature, time will eventually tell on all things. Flowers fade and lose their strength, humans and all living things age and die, buildings eventually crumble and become dust, even the mighty mountains are defeated by wind, water
and frost, not to mention earthquakes.

True beauty is the beauty of truth, the beauty of eternal spirit, the beauty of understanding the wonderful progress towards that divine love and light.


ballanceThesaurus: stability, equilibrium, steadiness, impartiality, fairness,
symmetry, counteract, residue, compare, scales.
We often need to find the right balance in our lives, between work
and home life, as well as the amount of sleep we require. That does not
necessarily mean that each needs to be equal to each other. The tree in
the picture has more and heavier branches on the left, but that is where
the prevailing winds come from, so it needs that little extra weight there.
Usually our main concerns are mostly on the material level, but to
have a ‘healthy’ balance in life the spiritual aspect must be included.


AcceptanceThesaurus: receptivity, welcome, assent, consent, acquiescence, compliance, compromise, adoption, forbearance, belief, trust, faith, confirmation, undertaking.
Acceptance can be a difficult thing for many of us, depending on the particular situation or circumstance, or even upbringing.
Most of us would never accept the presence of a mouse or wasp or fly in our kitchen, or even in another part of our home. Yet, as in the above photograph, when we see a fly on a leaf outside it does not really bother us at all.
We may not like flies, midges, wasps, mice and so on, but out in the country they are part of the environment. We may not understand why they exist or what good they do, but they, like us, have their own purpose in this world otherwise they would not be here. The Great Creator has produced such a diversity of creatures and insects on land, sea and in the air. We must accept that some knowledge is beyond our understanding at our present stage of evolution.