BEAUTYThesaurus: appealing, attractive, good-looking, heavenly, captivating, charming, aesthetic, radiant, delightful, pleasurable, elegant, wonderful, loveable, bonny, fair, beauty contest, beauty
parlour, beauty queen, beauty sleep, beauty spot, beautician.

When I put a water lily into my new garden pond I was expectant and a little excited. When I saw that a couple of flowers had formed buds I was so eager that I visited the pond every day to see when they would open.

Finally, after a long wait, I went down and found the above flower in full bloom, and quickly got my camera to take the photograph. I can certainly say that beauty was in the eye of this beholder at that time!

However, beauty in this material world is of a temporary nature, time will eventually tell on all things. Flowers fade and lose their strength, humans and all living things age and die, buildings eventually crumble and become dust, even the mighty mountains are defeated by wind, water
and frost, not to mention earthquakes.

True beauty is the beauty of truth, the beauty of eternal spirit, the beauty of understanding the wonderful progress towards that divine love and light.