BRIDGEThesaurus: viaduct, aqueduct, flyover, overpass, link, connection, bond, cross, span, arch over, join, straddle, connect, unite, reconcile.
Bridges help us to cross over rivers, railways, roads, etc., they enable us to avoid potential hazards and shorten our journeys and save us time.
This applies to even the small ones that we may use locally, as well as to the large high profile spectacular ones like the world’s longest suspension span bridge, the Akashi-Kaikyo in Japan.
The above photograph is of a small bridge across a river in the lowlands of Scotland. It enables locals and walkers to cross over to the other bank; in this respect it acts as a connection, uniting both sides.
Over the years we have seen various individuals on our televisions going into ‘hot spots’, such as Northern Ireland, Palestine, and so forth, to try and help connect and bring peace between differing factions. We also can take on that role in our daily lives, whether it is at work, in our
community or even with our own family. All families experience rows and difficulties, but could we not help? Perhaps that is why we are in that family in the first place.