CARPETThesaurus: floor cover, base, covering, blanket, overspread, overlaying,
reprove, admonish, reprimand, on the carpet, red carpet, Persian carpet, pile carpet, fitted carpet, carpet bowls, carpetbombing, carpet-slipper, carpetbagger, sweep under the carpet.

This carpet of snowdrops around the base of a Weeping Willow tree is replaced by golden daffodils a little later in the year. The forest areas around where I live abound in such delightful sights, with masses of bluebells signaling the summer; each season has its own particular and distinctive beauty.

In our homes, offices, restaurants and hotels, carpets are maybe not what we necessarily think of as of huge importance. However, a ‘good’ carpet will enhance the overall ambience and look to a room, while one ill considered will jar and be discordant.
We all need a sure and comfortable foundation, whether that is in our homes or within ourselves.