Cober Hill – Scarborough – September 2019

Sunday 8th - Thursday 12th September 2019
Arrive 2:00pm - Depart after lunch

To book by credit card ring Barbara on 0208 3687198
Darren Turner (Medium)

Darren Turner
Darren gives platform demonstrations of clairvoyant mediumship throughout the UK and overseas. He is very down to earth, and uses his sense of humour and compassion to put people at their ease.
Darren takes the responsibility of mediumship very seriously as many people are grieving or going through troubled times within their lives.
Understanding that the knowledge is not his alone, Darren teaches development groups and runs workshops, helping those who are searching as he once was.
“We are always learning, not only about ourselves but also spirit. I look forward to learning more as I progress on my journey and remain excited as to where it may lead”.

Peter Govan (Harmonics)
Peter Govan

Peter Govan has taught Harmonic Overtone Singing Workshops locally and internationally for many years with a focus of vocal self discovery through the body; individually and as a group, using Harmonium, Tibetan singing bowls, bells and wind gongs, toning, chanting, music improvisation and world music.

Andrea Watkins (Medium)

Coral Ryder

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