AcceptanceThesaurus: receptivity, welcome, assent, consent, acquiescence, compliance, compromise, adoption, forbearance, belief, trust, faith, confirmation, undertaking.
Acceptance can be a difficult thing for many of us, depending on the particular situation or circumstance, or even upbringing.
Most of us would never accept the presence of a mouse or wasp or fly in our kitchen, or even in another part of our home. Yet, as in the above photograph, when we see a fly on a leaf outside it does not really bother us at all.
We may not like flies, midges, wasps, mice and so on, but out in the country they are part of the environment. We may not understand why they exist or what good they do, but they, like us, have their own purpose in this world otherwise they would not be here. The Great Creator has produced such a diversity of creatures and insects on land, sea and in the air. We must accept that some knowledge is beyond our understanding at our present stage of evolution.