BLACKThesaurus: lampblack, ivory black, Indian ink, dark, dirty, dismal, foul, malignant, horrible, evil, night, dusky, dark pigmentation, charred, mourning, black-tie, blackout, blacklist, blackmail, black sheep, Black Death, black ice, Black Stone, blackberry, black magic, black economy, black as a tinker’s pot, blackball.

Black absorbs all things and is the absence of light; an analogy is the black hole of astronomy. Much of the symbolism and use of this colour in our language and culture is of a negative nature, indicating ideas of evil, disease, revenge and badness. Seen in the aura it may indicate depression, and with another colour may reflect the negative aspects of it.

Black has been associated with chaos, the undifferentiated, the void, time, the unconscious, the occult, death and destruction. In Astrology it is connected to Capricorn and the planet Saturn, and so with caution, discipline and limitation.

The Chinese associated it with the feminine principle yin, also north, winter and water. The Cabbalists linked it with wisdom; the Alchemists with the first stage of the Great Work; the
Ancient Egyptians with rebirth; Christianity with Hell, death and evil.