BLUEThesaurus: sky-blue, azure, aquamarine, turquoise, indigo, sapphire, navy, ultramarine, cobalt, Prussian blue, cerulean, woad, lapis
lazuli, depressed, sad, fed up, honour: Cambridge/Oxford blue, pornographic, erotic, risqué, blue language, blue film, blue blood, blue-stocking.
Blue is the colour of peace, as exemplified by the photograph above.
Just looking at it gives me a reminder of those times in the past when I had gone down to the coast, to spend an afternoon in quiet contemplation, or just to get ‘away from it all’. The cares of the world lifted from my shoulders and my body and spirit were uplifted. It is a colour that I have used in healing, especially for those suffering from worry, depression, stress and from nervous disorders.

The Ancient Egyptians regarded blue as representing truth and other symbolic aspects of the colour include: the divine, intellect, wisdom, revelation, loyalty, fidelity, constancy, chastity, prudence, piety, purity, contemplation, tranquility, inspiration and innocence.