BROWNThesaurus: bistre, sepia, ochre, raw and burnt sienna, raw and burnt umber, Vandyke brown, tobacco, chocolate, toffee, hazel, mahogany, walnut, brunette, sear, singe, toasted, swarthy, suntan, brown as a berry, Brown Owl, Brownie, Brownshirt, browned off, brown fat, brown bread, brown rice.

Brown is the colour of the earth, that which contains and feeds the vegetation and all that grows. From this earth clay can be obtained, and when worked and processed through high temperatures it is turned into useful ceramic articles, such as plates and pots, hence usually termed pottery.

The photograph above shows some of these – pots for forcing rhubarb – made from a clay that is appropriately called earthenware. Those who are able to see the auras of people have linked a golden brown to industriousness and an aptitude for organization and study.

Similarly a rich chocolate brown has been connected to the earth, security and comfort. However, it can also relate to materialism, greediness, hunger for power and a selfish personality. It is a colour worn by some Christian communities, symbolising renunciation of the world and penitence.